Contrasting old and new.

Hello and welcome to our site.

It’s lovely that you could join us!

I first want to say thank you for reading, and interacting with us. We made this site because Korea is an exceptional place to travel and see.

We thought if you’re coming from the west, you might have a few language and culture barriers. So with this in mind, we created a site just for you!

What’s so special about Korea?

Well, we could give you an endless list. But we won’t as you’re probably rushed for time. I can tell you very quickly that it’s fantastic country and you will have a trip of a lifetime.

If this is your first time in Korea, have you noticed the direct contrasts between modern and tradition; which is so apparent in the major cities like Seoul.

Take for example the little dumpling shops, that are dwarfed by the gigantic skyscrapers that fill the skyline.

This little country certainly packs a punch for things to see and do.

You just need to break that language and culture barrier and you will be set!

What’s life like in Korea

Before coming to Korea I had no idea about the “빨리 빨리” culture.

I thought life was comparatively similar to my hometown; how wrong I was.

The lifestyle here is fast. I mean expeditiously fast.

Just Ordered fried chicken? Be prepared to answer the door after reading this paragraph. Paragraph? Sorryimeansentence.

This ultra paced lifestyle can been seen in every aspect of  Korean culture, but most notably in its: work ethic, food services and technology.

I’m on hand to help you have the best experience by giving you functional guides and up to date content about Korea.

My aim is to create a site that is convenient, informative and uniquely insightful for you.

So make a cuppa, put your feet up and stay for a while.

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Welcome to whattodoinkorea!