South Korea – a country of 51 million that could fit in an area between Los Angeles and San Francisco is a wonderful little gem that encompasses a little bit of everything!

Contrasting old and new.

South Korea is filled with history, steep tradition and exquisite architecture.

More so, it’s wonderful to see the direct contrasts between modern and tradition which are so apparent in the major cities like Seoul. Take for example the little dumpling shops that are dwarfed by the gigantic skyscrapers that fill the skyline. Or the traditional markets, nestled next to the huge department stores cooking up kimchi fried rice from the early morning, until the dead of night.

This little country certainly packs a punch for things to see and do!

What’s life like in Korea

Before coming to Korea I had no idea about the “빨리 빨리” culture. I thought life was comparatively similar to my home-how wrong I was. The lifestyle here is fast. I mean expeditiously fast. Just Ordered fried chicken? Be prepared to answer the door after reading this paragraph. Paragraph? Sorry i meant sentence.This ultra paced lifestyle can been seen in every aspect of  Korean culture, but most notably in its: work ethic, food services and technology.

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