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This year has seen a massive export of Korean gems pouring out onto Netflix and Spotify. From BTS, Blackpink and Twice, to Squid Games and Sky Castle. The Korean wave is powerful and I can’t see it stopping anytime soon.

Along with Korea’s exports, Korea’s capital is also rising to challenge, and Seoul is gleaming with the same glitz and glamour of Paris, London, and New York. I have to say that Seoul is fast becoming one of the world’s leading fashion capitals. We can see Korean designers such as LIE, Minjukim, and Hanacha studios gaining notable traction in the fashion industry and they are starting to make significant leaps across the world.

Take a look below to find some of the best Korean Fashion websites in 2023.

Not in Korea? Don’t worry. We have made a trendy list of all the best Korean websites that sell the variety of Korean clothes you see in on the Korean high street.

We think online is the best way to shop. It’s simple. It saves time, and in the long run it will save you some cash.

So where to start?

Whether you’re shopping for casual styles, or are in the mood for some glamour, our list of the best Korean fashion websites in 2023 will have you covered.

Use the quick links in the contents section to find what you’re looking for.

Best Korean Fashion Websites

Best For Bright & Fun Pieces


Yesstyle are stocked. Stoked with what? With absolutely everything.

This Korean fashion website has some of the best deals on women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Yesstyle has an incredible variety of pieces ranging from cute crop tops for the nights out, to unbelievably cozy loungewear for those cozy nights indoors. You can also find some of the best Korean cosmetics brands such as COSRX and Dr. Jart+.

Flash sales also provide some outrageous discounts.


If you are charged for any custom-related taxes and fees then YesStyle will cover that fee if your order value is under $1000.

Delivery cost? $6 Free express shipping over $46

Best for Beautiful Modern Hanboks.


Etsy has some great pieces on sale. In particular, they have a great selection of modern hanboks.

Here is hanbok that I recommend.

-Modern Hanbok Jeogori Jacket

Etsy has grown in popularity with product creators making some stunning pieces like the the modern Hanbok linked above. The Jeogori jacket is also charming. Although this might not be your first fashion website to browse, the sheer amount of variety of clothing on offer is not to be scoffed at.

Not only will you find some exquisite hanboks, but due to the platform being craft-based you can find some beautiful items like personalized hangul jewelry and custom Seoul candle sets.

Delivery cost? Varies

Best For Cute, Elegant & Luxury Style

Use the code: whattodoinkorea for an extra 10% Discount at Lianox.


Lianox packs a punch when it comes to fashion. The store has endless options for floral dresses, cropped tops and light knitwear. One great attribute about the store is that you can shop by style. They have a drop down menu so you can shop by aesthetic.

Shop by Aesthetic:
Cute, Streetwear, Elegant & Edgy.

Lianox also comes with a lower price point than most other Korean-fast fashion websites. With a healthy number of outfits priced in the affordable range.

Delivery cost? Free on orders over $50


Best For Wardrobe Essentials

If you’re looking for some basics then Kooding will have you covered. Like most on the list it offers international shipping. Kooding is a site that mirrors Yesstyle due to its variety of Korean brands. Although you’ll find some affordable pieces on kooding I have to say Yesstyle is a better choice if you’re getting into K-fashion due to its flash sales and discounts.

Delivery cost? $4.99 Free over $69

Best For Korean Street Style

Get 15% off your first order

Kore Limited

Korelimited keeps Korean culture relevant through its clothing line. Their outfits are edgy and street. They have a variety of hoodies and T-shirts that screams quality. The value you’re getting is second to none and worth every bit of the price. You’ll feel very comfortable lounging, and taking to the streets with most, if not all of Korelimiteds urban pieces.

Delivery cost? $ Free shipping over $100

More Korean Fashion Websites: Notable Mentions.

Best For Grunge Basics

Dark Victory

Delivery cost? $14.99. Free over $100

Best For K-pop idol Style


Delivery cost? $14.99 Free over $200

Best For Timeless Appeal


Delivery cost? $10 Free over $100

Some of the most popular online stores in Koreas are:



(15% off at Bald Tiger with the code: whattodoinkorea)

Just like women’s fashion, K-fashion for men is also making a splash this year. You can find a variety of Korean mens clothing at:


Bald Tiger

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