Sometimes you crave is an immersive drama. A show that you can binge-watch for a week but then break down when you realise there’s no season two. 

If you’re in Korea and having to self isolate, you have a perfect excuse to put your feet up, pour yourself a cup of tea, and watch Netflix. This month, the streaming giant delivers. With a continual supply of immersive K-dramas, movies, and documentaries, you’re in for a treat.  

With my compelling list. And your remote. We can stave off boredom. With no time to waste, let’s look at the best Korean dramas on Netflix this month.

Best Korean Netflix drama to watch now:

1. Kingdom.

This show takes frightening zombies, feudal society, and sword fighting to another level. All six episodes are absorbing and leave you craving for season two. Why? Because it’s that good. 

Set in the 1600s just after the Japanese invasion of Korea, a flesh-eating disease ravages the Korean countryside. In its wake, a level of carnage its citizens cannot fathom. Village towns and cities become beset by apocalyptic zombies. They devour people alive. Nobles gather armies. Chieftains fortify hamlets. Troops sharpen weapons. The entire country unleashes absolute war and the show spirals into a perpetual battle of man vs Zombie. All this is going on while a deceitful game of politics is played out by the upper echelons of society.

The show reminds of Games of Thrones, when the white walkers are marching south and the Nightwatch try to curb their advance. All the while the Lanisters in King’s Landing are fathoming plots to derail Westeros and take complete control.

It’s raw and wild. Bold and dense. An excellent show while you wait at home for the pandemic to cease.  

2.Hospital playlist.

Hospital playlist is a buoyant K-Drama that will make you giggle, squirm, and weep. Featuring some prominent actors and a creative team, this show has the potential to do well.

The plot follows a group of doctors who had studied medicine together in the 90s. The show picks up 20 years later when they work at the same hospital. Unbeknown, their fondness to one another is unwavering and they pick their friendship up where they left it 20 years ago.  The show navigates us through the stress and fast pace of hospital life, while honing on the dear friendships they have for one another. 

A pleasant show that will keep you optimistic and positive during these uncertain times.

3. Crash landing on you.

Who would have thought a South Korean heiress, para-gliding into North Korea, only to fall in love with a North Korean soldier would turn into such a massive hit? I couldn’t have. Then again, any kind of romantic plot is plausible in K-dramas. 

It’s the most talked-about K-Drama of 2020, and for good reason. 

The two protagonists-Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyuk spark up an endearing relationship in North Korea and battle to preserve it. They Constantly come up with methods to prolong their romance at the cost of their own lives.

Not only has this drama got a superb narrative, but Crash landing on you meticulously details life in North Korea. It’s a brilliant portrayal of North Korean society that makes it a stand out drama. With support from defectors that have inside knowledge of the hermit Kingdom, the team has established a satisfying drama that is a riveting watch.  

4. Mr. Sunshine

I’m currently switching between Tiger King and Mr. Sunshine and I’m loving both of them. Mr sunshine will make you cry. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that only ends after 24 episodes.

It’s a historical drama set in Joseon Korea during the later 1800s’. The drama has a brilliant and meaningful story, with a tantalizing narrative that will leave a deep impression on you. Thrown in for good measure is a classy love story that leaves you on the edge of your seat anticipating the next episode. The whole drama feels like a big-budget movie because of its sublime cinematography. The director Lee-Eung-Bok has pumped out a captivating historical drama, which is educating, exciting and passionate. Give it a watch and see for yourself.

Best Korean Netflix drama right now

So far I have only managed to watch these four dramas, and I’ve still got a few more episodes left to finish. If you’ve never watched a Korean drama, have a look through Netflix, along with the ones I’ve pointed out, there are tons of shows to watch. Give them a try, you’ll be surprised at how good they are.