You can’t go through life without trying Korean instant noodles, also known as-Korean Ramen. Those little circular Korean tubs, packed full of hard crunchy noodles are waiting for you.

They are crying out to be eaten. They need your boiling water, and a dash of their spicy seasoning to get things going.

With this in mind, I’ve got a zesty list of Korean ramen to moisten your appetite.

Let’s find what you’ve been missing out on all these years and fill your belly to the brim with some Korean ramen.

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1. Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen Cheese Flavor Big Bowl

One of the best Korean instant noodles are for the Cheese lovers.

If you love dairy, then you’re in for a treat .Koreans love throwing cheese on absolutely everything. In fact they are constantly splashing heaps of cheese into cooking pots as they experiment with new recipes.

More so, all you ramen fans will be pleased to hear that Samyang, one of Korean’s main ramen manufactures, has created cheesy ramen noodles. That’s right- C-H-E-E-S-Y-R-A-M-E-N. You might ask yourself why you’ve never seen this before. Well, it’s new to the scene. Cheesy Ramen has only been around for a couple of years. This yellow tub of gold of is an absolute treat; one you need to try.

2. Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodle Carbonara Flavor 

Italians, hold on to your hats. Samyang spicy carbonara chicken noodles has hit the scene. With a truly epic combo of cream cheese, cured pork and black pepper, you might want to light the candle and pop the cork on your favorite red wine. This carbonara ramen set will hit your senses like a spaghetti carbonara approved by the Romans. Save money on your next date by dining on some Samyang noodles for two.

3. Ottogi Sesame Ramen

Sesame lovers, I’ve found what you need. What’s that, you ask. Well, it’s something you will want to keep eating: It’s a noodle pack, flavored in a coating of sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds have a nutty and sweet aroma which can pucker up most peoples taste buds. I love sesame seeds, and if you do to, then you don’t want to miss out on this ramen pack.

4. Jin Ramen (Mild)

Jin Ramen is up there with being one of the most famous Korean noodles. If you want to try a classic pack of Korean ramen, then you should try these. Packed with flavour and chewy noodles, you’re going to enjoy these very much.

5.Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen 

These noodles are hot. A better word to describe them might be nuclear. Just look at the packet and you can get a sense of what this is about. A chicken holding a bomb is enough to warn off most people. However, I can say from personal experience, that after a while, they become addictive, and somewhat enjoyable. You might need a litre of milk to complement these.

6. Samyang Ramen

If you enjoy slurping down bundae jjigae, then this is the ramen you will want to buy. With spam, vegetables, and thin noodles, you have a compete meal here which will fill your belly for a couple hours.

7. Samyang Fire Chicken Ramen

Just watch the YouTube Video. You will soon learn how hot these fire noodles are. If you get your kick from spicy food, then this one is for you.

8. Nongshim Shin Ramen

I always have a packet of these stashed away in my kitchen drawer. They are handy if you want to snack on something spicy, but not too spicy that it will blow your head off. You’re going to be happy if you buy these.

9. Nongshim Chapagetti Jjajangmyun 

Jjajangmyn is a Korean Chinese fusion food that is popular in South Korea. You’ll realise what it is by the distinct black sauce that coats the top of these Korean instant noodles. If you’re in Korea, I would recommend trying these noodles. They are cheap and extremely filling. However, if you want a quick snack to eat and fill you up; this packet is suffice and tastes delicious.

10. Nongshim K-Army Stew 

Last but not least is a new ramen cup that has recently become popular. Nongshim have pulled out all the stops with this one. They have cooked up the staple diet of a traditional Korean army stew and condensed it down into a ramen pack for us all to enjoy. With added chilli beans, you’re really going to burst with this one.

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