What are the best noodles in the world? Easy. Korean Ramyun.

You can’t go through life without trying Korean instant noodles- also known as, Korean ramyun.

Those circular vibrant tubs are packed full of hard crunchy noodles. They are crying out to be eaten. They need your boiling water, and a dash of spicy seasoning to get things going.

With this in mind, I’ve got a hot list of the best Korean ramyun to moisten your appetite.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the ramyun in Korea and also rank my favorite Korean instant noodles. All the noodles listed here can be found in Korea, but they can also find them internationally too.

Do you have a favorite Korean ramyun that you would like to add to our list? If so, please let me know in the comments below. I will try my best to keep the Korean ramen list updated. Enjoy everyone.

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What is Korean Ramyun?

Traditionally, Korean ramen is instant. It is supposed to be quick and easy to make. If you’re in Korea then you will see people huddled around the small tables in the local convenience stores slurping on these delicious noodles.

What makes these noodles so good? For starters, Korean ramen is powered by red pepper- which is used in a lot of Korean dishes. You will notice red pepper in the ramen because they noodles will turn red after you add the sache. Although there are different kinds of ramyun these days like, spaghetti and black bean flavours, you will notice that most Korean ramens still use a large amount of red pepper.

If you like eating ramen, and want to eat it regularly, then you might want to invest in a ramen rapid noodle cooking pit that is advertised on Amazon.

Jin Ramen and Shin Ramen are two of the most popular Ramen on the market. One ramen that you might see regularly on You Tube due to it going viral is Buldalk Bokkeummyeon. Beware, these noodles are ridiculously hot.

Which Korean ramen is not spicy?

If you want a Korean ramen that isn’t spicy i think you might like some more traditional ramens like shin ramen or wangdugong ramen..

How can I make Korean Ramyun?

The easiest way to make ramen is to cook the instant noodles in ramen cooking pot. Peel back the lid on the ramen and add them to the cooking pot. Pour water into the pot and let the water and noodles boil. Once you’re ready you can enjoy the noodles. Alternatively you might want to add some eggs or vegetables to the ramen to make them taste extra special.

Best Korean Ramyun

The best Korean ramen is subjective. As everyone has their own favorite. However, there are some types of ramen that are more popular than others. Here is a list of my favorite Korean ramyeons. There are literally hundreds of instant noodles in Korea so It would be near enough impossible to try all of them. But as I’ve lived here for over 6 years I have tried a fair few varieties which I think you should try too.

1. Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen Cheese Flavor Big Bowl

A picture of Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen Cheese Flavor Big Bowl

One of the best Korean instant noodles are for the Cheese lovers.

If you love dairy, then you’re in for a treat. One of the latest trends in Korea is throwing cheese on absolutely everything. In fact, here in Korea, we are constantly splashing heaps of cheese into cooking pots as we experiment with new recipes.

More so, all you ramen fans will be pleased to hear that Samyang, one of Korean’s main ramen manufactures, has created cheesy ramen noodles. That’s right- C-H-E-E-S-Y-R-A-M-E-N. You might ask yourself why you’ve never seen this before. Well, it’s new to the scene. Cheesy Ramen has only been around for a couple of years. This yellow tub of gold of is an absolute treat, and one you need to try.

2. Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodle Carbonara Flavor 

Italians, hold on to your hats because Samyang spicy carbonara chicken noodles has hit the scene. With a truly epic combo of cream cheese, cured pork and black pepper, you might want to light the candle and pop the cork on your favorite red wine. This carbonara ramen set will hit your senses like a spaghetti carbonara approved by the Romans. Save some money on your next date by dining on some Samyang noodles for two.

3. Ottogi Sesame Ramen

All you Sesame lovers; I’ve found what you need. What’s that you ask. Well it’s something you will want to keep eating. It’s some Korean ramen flavored in a coating of sesame seeds. Sounds lick smacking. It is.

Sesame seeds have a nutty and sweet aroma which can pucker up most peoples taste buds. I love sesame seeds, and if you do to, then you don’t want to miss out on this ramyeon pack.

4. Jin Ramen (Mild)

Jin Ramyeon is up there with being one of the most famous Korean noodles. If you want to try a classic pack of Korean ramen, then you should try these. Packed with flavor and chewy noodles, you’re going to enjoy these very much.

5.Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen 

Beware. These noodles are hot. A better word to describe them might be…nuclear. Just look at the packet and you can get a sense of what this is about. If a fiery chicken holding a bomb isn’t enough to warn you, then I don’t know what is. From personal experience, these instant noodles become very addictive, and somewhat enjoyable.

Top tip: Prepare a gallon of milk while you suck and slurp these down.

6. Samyang Ramen

If you enjoy bending the elbow to bundae jjigae, then this is the ramen you will want to buy. With concoction of spam, vegetables, and thin noodles, you might have a compete meal here; at least it will fill your belly for a couple hours.

7. Samyang Fire Chicken Ramen

What is the spiciest Korean ramen? Well it has to be Buldak-bokkeum-myeon. These are the “Korean fire noodles” that have spread virally online due to people challenging one another to eat them.

Buldak-bokkeum-myeon comes in many different varieties so if you’re not keen on keen on heat then you should definitely avoid this one.

There is no denying that these are spicy, and i dare you to try. You will soon learn how hot these red hot noodles are. If you get a kick from spicy food, then this is the ramen for you.

8. Nongshim Shin Ramen

I always have a packet of these stashed away in my kitchen drawer. They are handy if you want to snack on something spicy, but not too spicy that it will blow your head off. You’re going to be happy if you buy these.

Shin ramen is the most famous and probably the most popular Korean ramyun on the market. Due to its popularity you will be able to find it in large supermarkets across the world.

Shin ramen is mild compared to a lot of other ramens. It won’t blow your mouth out if that’s what you’re after.

Some people add fresh vegetables, kimchi, and eggs to this ramen to give it some extra flavor.

9. Nongshim Chapagetti Jjajangmyun 

Jjajangmyn is a Korean Chinese fusion food that is popular in South Korea. You’ll realise what it is by the distinct black sauce that coats the top of these Korean instant noodles. If you’re in Korea, I would recommend trying these noodles. They are cheap and extremely filling. However, if you want a quick snack to eat and fill you up; this packet is suffice and tastes delicious.

10. Nongshim K-Army Stew 

Last but not least is a new ramen cup that has recently become popular.

Nongshim have pulled out all the stops with this one. They have cooked up the staple diet of a traditional Korean army stew and condensed it down into a ramen pack for us all to enjoy.

With added chilli beans, you’re really going to burst with this one.

Where to buy Korean Ramen online?

Korea foods

If you live in the United Kingdom you can buy Korean ramen for Korea foods.

They have a huge selection of ramen on offer and what’s great about this website is that they let you buy individual packets.

But remember that Korean foods have a minimum order of 30 GBP so you might be buying a few packets of ramen all at once. When I went back to the UK for a vacation I went it to local Chinese mart and found a fantastic selection of Korean ramen on offer.


Amazon is one of the largest global retailer for a reason. If there is something you need, Amazon will probably have it. Need some Korean ramyun? Amazon have you covered. With Amazon prime you can get next day delivery.

With most of the popular brands of Korean ramen on offer, you can buy them in bulk-in packs of 20 or more! I think Amazon is probably the most convenient way to buy Korean instant noodles when you’re not in Korea.

Just Asian food

Like Korean foods, you can find all sorts of Korean ramen on here. They sell some of the most popular brands like shin ramen and Samyang hot chicken ramen straight from Korea.

Just Asian foods deliver to the United States with free shipping on orders over $59. Look out for their promo offers too. You might be able to snag a discount.

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