With the explosion of K-pop around the world, namely BTS and Black Pink, I thought I would introduce you to some upcoming, and established Korean rappers for 2021. There’s a bit of everything here, from upcoming artists like Giant Pink, to the more internationally recognized rappers like Jessi. With that in mind, I’ve tried to give you an overview of Korean Hip-Hop in 2021 and bless your ears with literary flows and unique beats.

If you’re new to Korean Hip-Hop, and wanting to explore more check out the Reddit forum on Korean Hip Hop.

Best Korean Rappers to watch out for in 2021


Ph-1 is my favorite K- rapper at the moment. Why? Because his tracks are stellar. His more recent style reminds of the late Mac Miller. With his chilled beats that to go along with his softer lyrics his tracks are wordly. A cool song of his to check out is: Nerdy Love


Sik K exploded onto the scene after his appearance on Show Me The Money. He’s a style has progressively got heavier with his latest album OG, which he released early 2021. Check out his single No Hook.


Coogie’s rise through the Hip- Hop ranks has been steady. He had a lot of collaborations in 2019, teaming up with rap heavyweights like Jay Park, and Sik-K. Check out his biggest hit, Justin Bieber


Sumin is someone to watch out for in 2021. With strong accolades in songwriting- having wrote songs for award-winning groups like Red Velvet- her list of talents are impressive. Check out one of her most recent songs: Dirty Love


Jessie is so badass. Just check out her more recent hit, Who Dat B. With her diva like style, she has become the queen of rap in Korea. One of her biggest hits, that had amassed over 20 million views, is a song called Gucci.

Kid milli

Kid Milli is unique. He has style is different because of his unconventional rhymes. Have a listen to some of his tracks like, Boy. Still, his rhymes and beats are applauded by his huge fanbase. Hopefully, we can see more of him in 2021.

Giant Pink

Giant Pink gained her claim to fame by winning one of Korea’s much loved Hip-Hop competitions, Unpretty Rapstar 3. She’s bold and has bags of talent. Check out her track, Tuesday is better than Monday.


Bewhy’s love for Hip-Hop started young. He states in a recent interview: “I first fell in love with hip-hop music when I was in middle school — in the 10th grade. I really liked this Korean hip-hop group called Dynamic Duo and was really impressed that they wrote their own lyrics.” And he’s carried that love through the years until now. At 26, and with a multitude of songs and stardom behind him, he’s really found his place in Korea’s Hip Hop scene. With Kendrick Lamar and Kayne as his influence, we can be sure he will treat us with some fantastic hits. Check out some of his popular hits like Gottasade, and Challan.

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