The snack culture in Korea is huge, and it is rapidly expanding overseas.

Go to any Korean supermarket or grocery store, and you will see a wall of color brimmed to the top with many zesty snacks. Today we will talk about the most popular Korean snacks, such as Korean chips, candy, and biscuits.

In fact, I also want to take you around the Korean drink section, but we’ll leave that for next week.

I have lined up ten of the most scrumptious Korean snacks you can find on Amazon. I think you’ll find some absolute treats here.

So let’s tuck in, and find some finger licking, crisp crunching Korean nibbles.

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Best Korean Snacks on Amazon

1. Haitai Honey Butter Chip

Think honey butter popcorn and you will get a sense of what these chips are about. They’re the creme de la creme of Korean chips, and for good reason. These chips are addictive. Honey butter chips are sweet, flaky-in a good way, and have a faint potato chip after taste. One downside is that the bags are a little on the small side. Buy a few packets of these, because you’ll be digging through them like there is no tomorrow.

 A photo of honey butter chips

2. Orion Turtle Chip Corn Soup

Next on our list is a puffy chip that will pop right off your tongue. I would say this flavorsome chip comes close to being one of the best snacks in Korea.

The Turtle chip has a distinct look. The structure is solid. It resembles a round turtle shell. But don’t worry, it doesn’t taste one bit like a turtle. Instead, these chips have a mouth watering sweet corn soup taste that Orion has perfected. The delicate balance between sweet and salty is right on point.

Turtle chips also come in different flavours. Have a look at some others that might interest you, such as the stir-fried bean flavor.

Orion turtle Korean  chips

3. Lotte Choco Pie Green Tea Flavor

The Choco pie is a Korean classic snack.

This green tea choco pie builds on the classical choco snack and gives you a heavenly green tea marshmallow chocolate pie. You won’t be able to resist this one.

Lotte pie green tea

If you’ve ever come to Korea, then you might know that the 11th of November is Pepero day. That’s right, Korea has an actual day which celebrates pepero sticks. Similarly to valentines day, peperos are traded up and down the country between couples to show their affection. Why not get a few boxes for your loved one? Or instead, get a few for yourself; they’re delicious.

lotte pepro white chocolate

5. Orion Chocoboy 2 Packs

My favorite Korean chocolate snack. Yes, these choco boys are something else. I’ve gone to the Gs25 grocery store too many times to count to buy boxes of these Korean snacks.

Choco boys are mushroom shaped biscuits tipped with a coating of milk chocolate. To further enhance the goodness of these chocolate mushrooms, they are enriched with a little sprinkle of omega-3.

orion choco boy snacks

6. Orion Choco Pie Original – Marshmallow Filling 

If you want to try the classic Korean snack, then you should try these. I love choco pies. And the marshmallow nestled between is on another level. Pour some milk into a glass cup and find a good tv show on Netflix while you crunch on these badboys.

You will be hard pressed to find a better snack to complement your evening than a box of Choco Pies.

orino choco pie

7. Lotte Popping Corn Chips 

With a mix of addictive corn and salt, you will want to pop bags of these chips all night long. Apparently, Koreans have been popping these chips since 1983!

I love the crunch you get with these chips, and also the flavour works really well. When I’m out, I sometimes pick up a bag of these to supplement my walk to wherever I’m going.

lotte korean chips

8. Nongshim Banana Kick

These are sweet banana kick chips, and they will melt in your mouth. These little banana shaped chips could be your new favorite snack of 2021. It might even be the best banana snack you will ever taste. They remind of a banana fluffy cheetoh because of their shape. Give them a nibble. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

banana chips

9. Crown Chewsome Soft Candy Strawberry Flavor

Ask any Korean kid about “maiju” and their eyes will light up. This is the staple Korean candy, and I can see why. The burst of flavour that comes out after biting down on these Korean candy bites are terrific. With a sprinkle of vitamin C, it’s a win for everyone.

Korean candy snacks

10. Lotte Rice Snack Seaweed Flavor Snack

Last but not least is a seaweed flavoured Korean snacks that will bring salty flakes to your mouth and give you a brief glimpse into the deep blue ocean. These seaweed snacks compliment beer fantastically and will therefore be a big hit by any party you attend. Get a couple of bags as they’re easy to polish off very quickly.

rice snack seaweed

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