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Looking for the best online shopping sites for Korean fashion? Are you bored with shopping at the same fashion sites repeatedly? The up and coming Korean fashion (K-fashion) provides a wide range of aesthetics from chic and minimalist to sweet and feminine.

The following six online shopping sites are a brilliant way to start if you’re looking to discover K-fashion in 2022. They are on-trend, won’t break the bank, and more than likely have that piece you were searching for, but haven’t found yet in mainstream stores. The best part is that these Korean fashion online shopping sites are in English, making it super easy for anyone to navigate! 


Best for playful Korean girl style

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Best Korean Fashion Online Shopping Site in 2020 Stylenanda

If you are just getting into Korean fashion, YesStyle has everything to support your K-Fashion needs.

The site has the best deals on women’s apparel, shoes, accessories, and even beauty. There are even options for men and children. YesStyle provides a range of Korean aesthetics with hundreds of designers to choose from at the best sale price.

The site offers free express shipping to the US for purchases of $59 or more. If you are charged for any custom-related taxes and fees, YesStyle will cover that fee if your order value is under $1000. 


Best for casual basics & trendy styles.

Stylenanda is for the girl whose style is chic and playful. The site offers styles that come in sweet pastels but also has showcases styles in cool-girl neutrals. Stylenanda comes with a higher price point than most Korean fast-fashion websites, but the quality is worth the price that you are paying. The site offers free shipping for orders over $200, but this won’t be too difficult to reach once you shop their collection. 

Best for everyday Style

The Dallant

Best Korean Fashion Online Shopping Site in 2020 | The Dallant | Super oversized blazer in beige

The Dallant is for the chic, young working professional who likes to keep things classic and minimalist but still likes to keep up with the trends. Offering a selection of Korean independent designers, they are best known for their most-wanted oversized blazers, but also have the cutest wearable trend pieces and elevated wardrobe essentials at an affordable price. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you get 15% off your first purchase. The Dallant offers free shipping for US orders over $50 and a free reusable tote bag is included with every purchase. 

Best for high-quality investment pieces


Best Korean Fashion Online Shopping Site in 2020 | WConcept

WConcept offers clean minimalist clothing with a vintage feel. They have sophisticated options for both women and men. Although their merchandise comes with a high price point, the quality is what you are paying for. WConcept has occasional sales and deals of the day that make shopping with them even more worth it. The site offers free shipping for all US orders over $99.

Best for grunge basics


Best Korean Fashion Online Shopping Site in 2020 | Darkvictory

Dark Victory is your go-to fast-fashion online store if you love 90s aesthetics. This K-Fashion site has endless options for grunge basics, floral dresses, and light knitwear. If you create an account with them, you will get 5% off your first order. For US orders over $200, shipping is free. For orders under $200, there is a $14.99 flat rate shipping fee.

Best for feminine K-pop idol style


STHSWEET (Somethin’ Sweet) offers women’s fashion with a feminine touch and trendy edge. The best part is that the price point is also sweet with nothing but affordable options. If you create an account with them, you will get 5% off your entire first purchase. The site offers free express shipping for orders over $200. For orders between $50-$199, STHSWEET has a $4.99 flat rate shipping fee. For orders under $49.99, they charge $8.99 with 1-3 days delivery.

Best for minimal style & wardrobe essentials


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With travel being curbed these days, it’s so difficult to shop for the latest & hottest items physically which then causes many to succumb to online shopping. Lianox have a wide selection of clothing at affordable prices. This Korean fashion store sell trending Korean fashion brands and ship worldwide.

Best for Korean Cultural Street Wear


Get 15% off your first order

Korelimited keeps Korean culture relevant through its unique items. They have a knack for blending the old with the new; transforming Korean history and culture into a highly eye-catching clothing brand. Its values appeal to everyone who loves Korea. Not only are their clothes good on the eye, they also fit fantastically. Take a look at their Squid Game-inspired tracksuit. Korelimited ship world wide.

(US ONLY) Use code Freeships on orders over $120.

Where to find Cheap Korean Clothes Online?

There are plenty of bargains to be had on the web, and we think these sites offer best bang for buck:

What sites have International shipping?

There are plenty of sites that offer international shipping. For example, Yesstyle, Kooding, Mixxmix, Dark Victory, Sthsweet and many more. Before you add clothes to your shopping cart, check the shipping policy for each site; not all sites have the same policy.

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