Learn Korean on a budget: Money Saving Tips

If you want to dip your toes into the sea of studying, but don’t have the funds to cover some course materials, then you’ve come to right the place. I have a few money saving tips to save you some cash before you invest into all those books. When I started learning Korean I went all in. I picked Korean level one work books from different publishers which I now know was a mistake. If you are going to study and want to pay for some books, I suggest you stick to one publisher and supplement the workbooks with a vocabulary and a grammar book.

If you need some ideas on what books to get; head on over to our recent post on:

How to learn Korean fast.

In this post I will list a free Korean learning websites that I have used in the past which I think will give you a great introduction to the language before you commit to buying the materials.

YouTube classes:

Before you do anything first get a taste for the Korean language on You Tube.

Here I have listed some of the most common YouTube videos which give you a good overview of Korean. Once you’ve got to see what you’re in for, you can then pick a publisher and platform and go ahead with studying.

Best Ways To Learn Korean For Free

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Talk To Me In Korean

View Talk To Me In Korean

The platform that I recommend to anyone who asks me how to study Korean is: Talk To Me In Korean.

TTMIK have volumes of material to study from. If you go to their site you can see the paid and free version.

With their free course you get the essential Korean courses, which I highly recommend, as well as, PDF lesson notes and hundreds of free podcasts, videos all for free.

The course is all level based, and fantastically structured. i think using TTMIK is the best way to learn Korean for free. But there are other options and I will list the, below.

Here is a link to TTMIK YouTube Channel.

How to Study Korean

View How to Study Korean

This website is a students goldmine for material. It’s meticulously structured into levels and has some money detailed examples. It’s incredible that it’s still free.

How to Study Korean is a phenomenal resource and if you choose this as your number one platform, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

With a selection of over 150 lessons you can take your time going through them. One thing that I love about this site is that it’s all in one place. This is all you need.

If I had to choose between the TTMIK and How to Study Korean, I would go with TTMIK. But I think which ever one you choose you will certainly progress.

Prof. Yoon’s Korean Language Class

View Prof. Yoon’s Korean Language Class

Another good way to learn Korean for free is to use Prof. Yoon’s YouTube classes. He will guide you through the process of learning Korean and you can supplement the classes if you want with some of his books. You don’t need much to study for his class. Just a notebook, a pen and an internet connection.

once you’ve gone through a few lessons, you could always purchase some supplemental books to help you out.

For instance I like his Power up Korean Vocabulary book.


View Memrise

Following on with vocabulary, I think if you don’t want to purchase any books, you could always use the memrise app on your phone.

Just search Memrise in the app or play store and it should come up. Give it a download and make your flashcards.

Along with Anki, this will help you remember all those vocabulary words you will need to make sentences.

Of course it’s not going to be your number one platform for learning Korean. However, what it is good at is helping you upgrade your vocab.

Easiest Way to Learn Korean

Unfortunately there is no easy way to learn Korean. Just like everything in life, if you want to get good at something you have to put the time and effort into it.

You can of course learn Korean with these free Korean websites, but if you want to find the easiest way to learn it would be probably be attending a Korean University for a couple of years. Not everyone has the time and money to learn like this and therefore you can use these free materials to help you out. If you put the time and stick to a study schedule your Korean language skills will grow and blossom.

I also think if you want to get serious at study Korean then you need a few things:

Best ways to Learn Korean Quickly

  1. A clear space and a stable working environment that has no distractions. You might also want to buy a spacious desk and comfortable chair.
  2. Stick to one platform and work through their materials. Don’t bounce between different publishers and study books.
  3. Make a study schedule. If you say you’re going to study for 20 minutes a day, try and stick to it.
  4. Don’t make goals. Follow the course materials and try your best. Everyone learns at different speeds.
  5. Use a variety of content, such as videos, podcasts and books. If you have the money you could always pay for a tutor too.
  6. The main thing is have fun and make your studying interesting. Learn a K-pop song or watch K-dramas. Don’t pressure yourself. Learning a language takes time and there are no shortcuts.

Enjoy the learning process and good luck!