“Crown Crackers are perfect to nibble on while you wait for your dinner.

Crown Confectionery has a long tradition of producing some of the best sweets and snacks in Korea, and these little saltine crackers epitomize this perfectly.

A photo of 6 Crown saltine crackers in a packet

Crown Confectionery.

The history of Crown Confectionery dates all the way back to 1947.

Mr. Yoon Tae-Hyun, a baker and entrepreneur from Seoul, loved biscuits and everything savory. With limited options available, he opened his own bakery, which would later become known as Crown Confectionery.

Despite many challenges facing Mr. Yoon and Korea during the ’50s, his company never stopped churning out biscuits. It must have been a real treat for people living in Seoul during the war as food was rationed.

A photo of saltine crackers stacked up on a wooden plate

By 1960, Crown’s hard work and determination paid off. The locals were addicted, Seoul was hooked, and Korea was flooded with Crown biscuits. Crown state that in the early 60s, every person in Korea bought at least fifty biscuits from them. How much of this is true I can’t say, but what it shows is that Crown has a long tradition of producing quality snacks.

Since the Golden Age of Biscuits in 1982, Crown’s rise to the top has been unstoppable, and it continues to impress me and the nation with its finger-licking snacks.

So what are these tasty snacks from Crown that I keep talking up?

Well, one of them is the saltine cracker:

A close up photo of someone holding a saltine cracker

Crown Saltine Cracker: Appearance

The crackers come in a white cracker box weighing approximately 56 g. Each box comprises 3 little packets with 6 mini sized crackers inside.

A photo of the Crown saltine cracker box
A photo of the crown saltine cracker packet

It’s not your average size but in a more miniature form. Perfect to dip into your favorite stews, soups, and dips.

A close up of a a saltine cracker
A photo of the front of the saltine cracker

How Does the Crown Saltine Cracker Taste?

Well, for a cracker, they are good. Not too salty or too dry; crunchy but not too delicate.

Crown has crafted a delicate balance.

Unlike some saltine crackers when you open the packet and all of them are in tiny bits, these Korean crackers, albeit a little flaky, hold up well. I usually find that if I struggle to open the packet or tear it too hard you end up crushing one or two, but every time I opened them they were intact.

A photo of the inside of crackers

I’m not sure how you like your crackers, but I think the perfect cracker is Jacob’s cream crackers. For their size, I love being able to pile them up with many kinds of cheese and condiments. You can do the same with these, as I did here, but you can’t fit as much on.


They can be addictive.

A broken saltine cracker

These Crackers are small, easy chew and feel great. You can finish the packet quickly. This then leads you onto the next packet, and the cycle carries on until the last box is finished and you are peering into the tube hoping for one more to fall out.

Disappointing or Delicious?

Light and low in calories, Crown crackers are the perfect snack for someone on the go. Overall, you can’t go wrong with one of these packets, and for this reason, they are a great choice to buy.

A photo of 6 saltine crackers on a table


Nick’s score:- 8/10

Crown Saltine Cracker Ingredients.

A photo of the crown saltine cracker ingredients

If you have tried these tasty crackers, I would love to hear about it! Comment below and give your rating. I’ve also reviewed the Melona Ice Cream. Be sure to check it and try it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.