A cool ride with beautiful scenery

Gangchon Rail Bike Park

What to do in Korea? Well if you’re short of ideas, here is one to get your heart pumping- Gangchon Rail Bike Park. This park is one of ten places in Korea where you can pedal along a disused railway track with your friends and family. It’s a guaranteed winner! 

Gangchon railway cat going across a bridge
Going over the little bridge.

The Gangchon rail bike in Gapyeong certainly has it all.

From musical tunnels blasting 80’s pop, to snow-covered paddy fields, and glistening rivers. In fact, this 8KM of rail track is a fantastic way to get you and the family out into the Korean outdoors.

Just make sure to wrap up warm as it will be extremely cold during the wintertime.

Getting To Gangchon Rail Bike.

The fastest route is by taking the ITX Cheungchun line that leaves from Yongsan, or Cheongayang, and riding it all the way to Namchucheon. Be careful though, if you miss the train, the next one isn’t until 30 minutes later. After riding the train you should then change to the subway, and go back to Gimyujeong station. When you arrive at Gimyujeong station, it is only a 5-minute walk to the entrance.

Gimyujeong train station entrance which is very close to gangchon rail bike park

Gangchon Rail Park Tickets.

You should book your tickets before arriving. Gangchon rail bike park is popular among local residents, especially at the weekends and national holidays. So spaces fill up quickly. Therefore, it’s advised to book your tickets before arriving. One point to note, the booking website is in Korean, so booking your tickets could be tricky. For this reason, we suggest booking your tickets at Klook

Klook have made booking tickets a really simple process, and their customer service is second to none. 

There are two bike options for you to choose from when booking your tickets. A two, and four-seater bike- both are very easy to peddle and control. We paid 27,000 won for the two-seater bike. Additionally, the four-seater bike is 36,000 won. When you line up and choose your bike, go for the ones at the back. Being at the back will give you a more slow and relaxed ride. You will also have less pressure to peddle fast, as nobody will be behind, trying to speed you up.

the gangchon rail bike park and a rail bike going past a red train

What to expect?

When you first arrive you might have to wait 10-15 minutes until the bikes line up on the tracks. However, there are some activities for you to do while you wait, such as the zip line that cuts across the waiting area. There’s also a good selection of coffee shops and snack bars to visit until it starts. When you’ve chosen your bike, and got strapped in, you’re ready to go.

As you set off, the bike picks up a little speed as it follows the gentle decline into the valley. This part is great fun and was one of my favorite parts of the trip. You get to really admire Koreas’ wonderful scenery as you ride into the wilderness. After riding to the bottom of the hill, you will then come to a little bridge where you need to peddle a bit harder, but it’s really light peddling, and there isn’t much to it. As you pedal along, you will come across numerous themed tunnels like the one below. They are unique and full of creative madness; the kids will love them!

 a photo of the gangchon rail bike park in the tunnel with a person blowing bubbles from the rail bike

As you peddle on, you will reach the resting point, where you can grab some hot coffee and Korean snacks- yes, Koreans love snacks and coffee. Provided that you make it, and don’t tire out, you should be able to see the trickling waterfall that flows down the mountainside. It’s a worthy picture! After a 20 minute break, the train will then be waiting for you to hop on so it can set off. It will take you all the way to Gangchon station where you can ride the free shuttle bus back to your starting location.

view of the beautiful river from the rail bike

Our verdict

Rest assured, you will have a lovely time if you enjoy the outdoors especially in the winter if it’s snowing. The view will be beautiful. It’s also a great trip to get you away from the major cities that can sometimes feel heavy and hectic. It will probably take up your whole day, so make sure you have the time to spare. Don’t forget if you go in the winter it will be freezing, so bring all your winter gear. Most importantly, have a fabulous trip!

Address (English): Gimyoujeong Station (1383, Gimyujeong-ro, Sindong-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do) 
Address: (Korean): 강원 춘천시 신동면 김유정로 1383