How to learn Korean.

Learning Korean, or any language for that matter, takes dedication and commitment. The best way to learn Korean is to do a little bit each day until you have the basics down, and then you can build on what you’ve learnt.

Along the way make sure to also have fun and remember you can’t always blossom. There will be days when you’ve had an underwhelming study session. Tell your self that’s okay and hopefully next day you will come back roaring.

One thing I did was set goals. I told myself I should be at this level at this specific date as I was desperate to pass the TOPIK test quickly. What happened? I quickly lost motivation, and started to feel overwhelmed with undue pressure.

My main tip would be to enjoy the journey of learning. Even though might not feel like you’re improving I can bet my bottom dollar you are. Take regular videos of ourself speaking or even making a YouTube channel to record your process. When you look back you will be amazed at how far you’ve come.

Also remember that everyone learns at different speeds and you should find a pace that is comfortable for you. If you can only do thirty minutes a day, don’t sweat it. You’re not competing for first place. As I tell myself, language learning is a life long mission and the more you have fun with it the easier it will be.

Another tip I have is finding a study buddy or a tutor. It’s easy to mispronounce words and never realize until you use your new sentences. If you can’t find anyone around you then you could use:


Or, you could use: Hellotalk.

Lastly, there are no short cuts. Taking short cuts will only harm you further down the line. You will likely form bad habits and it will be much harder to iron out later.

How To Lean Korean Fast

The first thing you want to do is learn the Korean alphabet. It’s easy. You can learn the to read and write Korean in matter of hours. If you want to learn Korean fast then your number one priority should be learning Hangeul.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can steadily level up, and start building up your vocabulary bank and grammatical sentence structures.

One thing that helped me learn Korean was TTMIK’S products. Especially their online lessons. I supplemented their online lessons with their books and it really gave me a solid footing.

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Learn the basics

  1. You should start off by learning TTMK levels 1-3. (Talk To Me In Korean)

Learn Vocabulary

2. Supplement your grammar with vocabulary words. Try and learn your first 500 words using this one.

Create Flashcards

3. Create flashcards in Anki. Or if have time you could always go the traditional route and make your own.

Supplement your grammar with this book.

4. Get a Korean Grammar in Use book to look up all the grammar questions you have.

Learn more Vocabulary

5. The Talk To Me In Korea books are heavily focused on grammar, so make sure you don’t forget to learn vocabulary. Down the road you will need them to form more complex sentences.

Easiest way to learn Korean.

Once you’ve got the basics down you can then add variety to your studying.

1. Listen to some Korean music.

Familiarize your self with some songs. You will notice that you can understand more, which will help you build on your vocabulary.

You could always listen to TTMIK podcasts. They have some great beginner and intermediate series. You can supplement them with the course book too.

2. Watch Korean dramas.

Subscribe to Netflix and watch some TV shows like Kingdom. I also recommend watching Korean movies; they will help you understand Korean culture. Some favorable mentions are: Taxi and 1987.

3. Come to Korean and immerse yourself in Korean.

It’s easy to get by in Korean with broken Korean. But if you really try and make a go of it you will improve your Korean at lightening pace.

If you do come to Korea, you might be better off getting a kindle and keeping all your books on there. I prefer downloading a few Kindle E books so I can take them on the move with me.

4. Enroll into University

I think if you are set on learning Korean then the best place to do it is in Korea. Signing up to a course at a university would be the way to learn Korean. Not everyone has the spare change to do this though.