Who are you going to call in Korea when you really need some help. A Korean emergency number! Here is a list of all the Korean emergency numbers you might need.

Life is a dangerous recipe. Layer that with cycling across Korea or eating some live octopus. Add some language barrier, a foreign country, and a few cultural differences. What do you get?

A tasty danger cake.

Here are the emergency phone numbers you should know.

We’ll also give you the listings for English-speaking embassies.


    Korea Emergency Number: Emergency Services

    Korea has a impressive list of emergency and public-info phone numbers.

    However, there are only a few you should know by heart. Here’s who you should call if you need a Korean ambulance or the Korean fire brigade

    Emergency (Fire & Ambulance)

    Kore emergency number for fire and ambulance

    If you have an emergency, call 119. This will connect you with both the fire department and emergency medical response.

    If you need an ambulance, call this number. English-speaking operators are available.

    Here is the link to 119 emergency website.

    Korea Emergency Number: Police

    Korea emergency number for the police

    If you are in need of immediate police response, call 112. They have English-speaking operators available.

    Here is a link to their police website.

    Korea Emergency number: Missing Persons & Property

    Korea emergency number for missing person

    If you need to report a missing person or stolen property call 182.

    This is the number for non-emergency police inquiries.

    Here the English language website.

    Korea has a national Lost & Found registry. If you lose property, or find lost property, report or search for it using this website.

    Korea Emergency Number: Foreign Traveler Hotline

    Korean foreigner Help Phone Number

    If you want information about tourism in Korea, call 1330. They have English-speaking operators.

    1330 also provides 24/7 translation services. This might come in handy if you haven’t brushed up on your Hangul.

    You can also get information about restaurants, tourist sites, transportation, and anything touristy.

    Visit their website for more information.

    Korea Emergency Number: Medical Emergencies

    korea emergency phone number for Medical emergencies

    Worried about the new strain of bird flu? Call 1339. This is the number for the Korean Center For Disease Control (KCDC). You’ll find information for about first-aid and diseases.

    You can visit their website for more information.

    English-Speaking Embassy Info