It’s winter in Korea. That means donning your thick winter coat, gluing your Daiso hand warmer to your hands and sitting tight until summer comes again.

As the mercury and your bank balance begin its free fall, all you can do is crank up the heat, and watch as your money slowly melts away.

Well, if this is you, you’re not alone.

After spending some years in Korea I have learned some cost-effective ways for you to stay warm in your apartment this winter.

Read on to find out.

Daiso hand warmer: 

Where can I buy Hotpacks in Korea

Now if you’ve never been to Korea, you’re probably clueless what these are. They are little warm packs that you can buy from your local convenience store or Daiso.

Daiso is like a dollar store, where everything is really cheap.

The packs cost about 1,000 won, and last for hours! 

How to use a Heatpack from Daiso

All you have to do is give them a tight squeeze for activation and then keep shaking them; as Patty Shukia would say:

Shake your hands 1, 2, 3
Shake your hands, Shake with me

They are popular among Korean’s for a reason, and we think they really are worth it.

Look for the ones that  have numbers on the package next to 시. This will tell you long how long it will last.

It’s probably not a good idea to put them directly on your skin, but between a layer of clothing is great, and it gives you some added warmth.

Here a the best Daiso hand warmers money can buy:

Top Five Korean Hand Warmers:

Stick it on Hot pack.

For only 2,000 won this is a steal. Inside you get three packs and each one lasts for up to 12 hours. You just have to keep shaking them to keep them activated.As it says on the packet it heats up to 63 Degrees so not the hottest- but still damn hot. When I buy hotpacks i usually go for this one. Maybe it’s the enticing packet that does it for me.
A photo of a packet of the Stick it on hotpack bought from Daiso.
Stick It On Korean Hand Warmer
The the back of the packet of the Korean hand warmer with instructions on how to use it.

Hot Hot Hands

As you can see from the packet- this is fire!
I think this hotpack has to be the hottest hand warmer we found in Daiso. Maybe a little too hot. Hot A Hot Hands can potentially reach 70 degrees! Be careful when you handle this. You want hot hands but not third-degree burns!

It’s cheaper than our first pick by a thousand won but you only get one. It also warm your hands warm for up to 16 hours!
That’s nearly a full day!
A photo of Hot hot hands Korean hand warmer. It shows the packet and information about the hotpack
Hot Hot Hands Korean Hand Warmer
the back of the Korean hand warmer packet with instructions on how to use it.

All Day Long Fire

Another Daiso hand warmer that burns with 70-degree ferocity.
This hot pack gives you a selection of two packs just waiting for you to activate them.
At only one thousand won this is a great deal. These Korean hand warmers don’t last as long as the Hot Hot hands, but still, last for a decent amount of time.
A photo of the All day long korean hand warmer. shows the price and information on the packet.
All Day Fire Korean Hand Warmer
a photo of the back of the korean handwarmer with instructions such as the temperature and how to use it.

Moonmin Snorkmaiden

Coming in at number four we have a Moonmin hot pack. With a temperature of 63 degrees, it won’t melt your hands but’s good enough to stop the Korean winter from freezing your fingers off. This pack will stay activated for up to 12 hours and has three packs for you to shake all day long!
A photo of Moomin korean handwarmer
Moomin Korean Hand Warmer
A photo of the back of the korean hotpack

Mickey Mouse and Friends

Coming in at number 5 is the Mickey Mouse and Friends Daiso hand warmer.
For only a thousand won you get two hand warmers.
They will also stay activated for 12 hours, and burn up to 63 degrees.

If you’re after a hot burn, these might not be for you. They seem to be the lightest that we’ve come across weighing in at only 65g! Maybe a good option for someone with smaller hands.
A photo of a mickey mouse hand warmer
Mickey Mouse Korean Hand Warmer
the back of a korean hotpack with instructions of how to use

More Tips to Stay Warm During the Korean Winter:

Bubble Wrap: 

Firstly, you should take a trip to Daiso and buy your self some bubble wrap to cover your windows and doors.

It’s ridiculously cheap and a great way to save money on your heating bills!

If you can, get the sheets with the larger bubbles as they provide better insulation.

A photo of some bubble wrap from Daiso. It has instructions on the packet so you can stick on the window
Bubble wrap from Daiso

You don’t need to be skilled in DIY to apply it!


  1. Cut the bubble wrap to the size of the window.
  2. Spray some water onto the window surface
  3. Apply the bubble wrap.

If it keeps coming off, you can also buy some cheap tape to go around edges!

One thing to note,

your visibility will be affected, but it’s only temporary and what’s more important to you?

A nice view of your neighbors apartment, or saving some cash and staying warm in Korea?

I know which one i would choose.

Korean heated floor mat

cat sleeping on an electric blanket in Korea

This is possibly one of the best things I own in my apartment-

A Korean Heated Floor Mat

True, it does make it exceptionally difficult getting out of bed, and there are the dangers of removing myself from society by never leaving my mat.

A photo of a korean heated floor mat
My mat is an absolute stallion in the winter!

However, these dangers are warranted by the fact that it keeps me warm and cozy during the Korean winter

Just hop onto G-market or make your way down to Home-plus and you will find a selection of electric blankets to choose from.

It’s certainly a must buy while you live here!

So far, the hand warmer, bubble wrap, and electric blanket should be heating you up. If you’re still struggling, don a layer of heat tech!

 Heat-tech Extra Warm Innerwear

I always thought Uniqlo heat tech is fantastic at maintaining my body temperature while also feeling really comfortable.

A heatech ribbed long-sleeve T-shirt and some extra warm long johns are some of the best innerwear you can buy.

If you don’t have the heat tech, ask Santa to get you some!

Try looking out for a Uniqlo sale, sometimes you can pick them with a 30-40% discount.

After getting some extra warm innerwear, you will be able to withstand anything Korea throws at you.

Warm Tea 

Korea Winter a woman is holding a cup of tea

Get yourself a thermal heat flask, fill it with hot water and tea and gulp it down!

Using a thermal flask is great, as it means you don’t have to keep going back to the kettle to boil water every 5 minutes; save more money.

Not only will you feel refreshed, and you will also be warming up your body by enhancing your blood circulation.

Your Korean hand warmer and thermal flask should keep you toasty this bitterly cold winter.

Roll on Summer I say!

  • Remember don’t sacrifice your health over money. If it does get unbearably cold, crank up that heating and stay warm during the cold season.