It’s that time of year again to layer up, and snuggle into your warmest boots. With the temperatures plummeting, you are going to have all hell on trying to keep warm, especially when you’re outside. Anyone who has lived in Korea knows what i’m talking about. Luckily, one thing is on offer to help you keep warm and that is- Korean winter street food. There’s nothing like chewing down on a steaming hotteok, or feasting on some spicy tteokbokki during these brutally cold months.

So stay with us, and read about our best selection of Korean street foods, which are guaranteed to wet your appetite.

 호떡 (Hotteok)

Hotteok Korean Winter Street Food


Let’s start with my favorite Korean winter street food which has to be 호떡! You can find this sugary little delicacy in small orange tents, pitched up and down the downtown areas. Hotteok is a Korean pancake, filled with a sticky mixture of: brown sugar, cinnamon, peanuts, pressed and fried. Beware, if you on a diet, you should skip this entirely. Each little pancake has around 250 calories packed into it. However, it’s the season of festivity, and one little sweet hotteok isn’t going to hurt, right?

붕어빵 (Bungeoppang)

Bungeoppang pastry made in the shape of a fish

Bungeoppang is is a a pastry made in the shape of a fish, filled with delicious red bean paste. So although it looks like a fish, you’re not going to be taking a bite and swallowing a fish tasting waffle! What’s more, during the winter season, it is one of the more popular street foods that you will find in Korea. Just find a street corner, and you will be able to smell the savory aroma of this Korean winter street food filling the air.

 떡볶이 (Tteokbokki)

Tteokbokki being sold on the street in Seoul

If your in the mood for some spice, there’s nothing better than eating some spicy rice cake in Seoul. This concoction of fish cake,spicy red pepper sauce and rice cake is a great dish to warm the body up. At only 3,000 won a bowl, it’s a must eat if you’ve never tried it before. So the next time you see some red liquid in a large skillet ask the Ajusshi (아저씨) or Ajumma (아줌마):”tteokbokki juseyo.” (떡볶이 주세요.)

오뎅 (Odeng)

Odeng ia popular street food being sold

If you’re traveling to Korea and low on money, find an odeng tent and feast upon these delicious fish cakes. If you can’t speak Korean, don’t worry about it. Just pick a stick up and slide the hot fish cake into your mouth. The vendor will count the amount of sticks you have eaten at the end.

Odeng is a popular street food snack in Korea and you can see it sold everywhere.  The one featured in the picture above is spicy odeng, which certainly has a kick to it. It’s more common to see plain odeng, but you don’t have to wander far to find some hot and spicy odeng. Moreover, the broth is free to drink. So dip your paper cup in, and gulp it down.

If you want to beat the cold in the winter, 오뎅 is something you can’t miss out on.

계란빵 (Gyeranppang)

Gyeranppang being sold in the market

We all love eggy bread don’t we? Well i do, and being in Korea, I can’t get enough of it. At only 2,000 won, this egg pancake is a street snack you will want to pack into your suitcase and take home with you. This fluffy bread, cooked on a metal skillet with an egg on top seems to be the contemporary trend at the moment. It seems everyone can’t get enough of this Korean street food, and it’s one that you have to try too!

Myeong-dong (명동)- If you’re Seoul, make your way over to Myeong-dong to try every Korean street food possible!