From Squid game inspired tracksuits to King Sejong hoodies- Learn more about this upcoming Korean streetwear fashion brand right here.

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A huge Korean wave has swept through the world in dramatic fashion this year. Award winning dramas like Squid Games, and billboard global hits from the likes of BTS, and Black Pink have carried a Korean craze into new heights. What’s more, there has never been a better year for the international recognition of South Korea’s culture.

We are also seeing Korean fashion trends rolling heads on the international catwalks. This has led to the further spread of Koreas highly contagious culture. Emerging fashion brands such as KORELIMITED which is a premium streetwear brand prides its self on keeping Korean history and culture relevant.

KORE Stamp Tee.

Who are Korelimited?

Korelimited is a Los Angeles-based Korean streetwear fashion brand that is heavily focused on curating designs that are inspired by Korean history and culture.

Their seasonal pieces, inspired by traditional and current events, would be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. All of their outfits just ooze premium.

Have a comb through their catalogue and take a look at their latest items to see what I mean. They sell out quickly so jump on the things you like.

Their New Arrivals sell out quick.

Korean Streetwear Style guide

Korealimited’s most recent collection features a combination of the old and new. Heavily influenced from traditional figures such as King Sejong; some of their latest items are a real treat on the eye. In contrast, the iconic green tracksuits that have been popularized by Squid Games have also made it into their New Arrivals.

Korelimited have inclusive sizing which ranges from Small to 2XL, so that everyone can wear their clothing. Their heavyweight crewneck sweaters feel fantastic and have some great reviews.

King Sejong Hoddie

Notable collaborations

Notably, KORE have collaborated with other famous brands and people such as the Korean-American and Canadian actress Sandra Oh. KoreLimited designed the outfit for Sandra Oh for the Emmys in 2021. As you can see in the picture, the final product looked street.


KORELIMITED have recently released their OCT ‘21 collection, and it’s stunning. Their new pieces feature designs inspired by the overwhelmingly popular Netflix series “Squid Game” in addition to their “The Crane” baseball jacket and skeleton hand-adorned “Love Is Dead” hoodie. Check out the brand’s current stock on their website and stay in-the-know for future releases through their Instagram and Facebook.

Mugunghwa Girl Crewneck (Heather Grey)

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