Here is your ultimate guide to online shopping for Korean fashion.

There are some great emerging online stores & Korean independent designers that you can shop from, for all your fresh fashion needs. Here are some honest pros & cons of Korean fashion that you need to know to make your best purchase online and in store!


It’s affordable!

If you’re looking for a affordability I recommend checking out the larger online shopping stores. YesStyle has a wide variety of pieces as well as MIXXMIX and also Amazon

Let’s start with the positives.

The best thing about Korean Fashion (K-Fashion) is, no doubt, its affordability. Most Korean brands are very affordable, similar to the price of major fast-fashion retailers. There are more expensive, high-end Korean runway designer brands as well like Low Classic & Beyond Closet, but most independent designers that you see online are on the affordable side. If you are looking for low priced K-Fashion, check out the online stores, YesStyle & Kooding.

It’s trendy!

Oversized tie dye sweatsuit set from The Dallant, Korean fashion online shopping site with Korean independent designers

Do you see a recent fashion trend emerging on Instagram? Do you like that new blouse that a K-pop idol is seen wearing and don’t know where to get it? Korean Fashion has you covered.

The Korean fashion market is extremely quick at adopting new trends each season and even better, incorporates the trends in a way that makes the piece much more wearable.

If you are looking for a specific trend piece, or want to learn what the latest fashion trends are, check out trend-focused online stores like Style Nanda

Great for everyday & everyone!

Super oversized blazer in gray from The Dallant, Korean fashion online shopping store with Korean independent designers

A lot of the Korean fashion designs feature modest silhouettes that are easy for everyone to pull off and also offer great high-quality basics that are perfect for everyday wear. These elevated essentials like blazers and quality button-down shirts offered in Korean fashion stores are perfect for building a minimal capsule wardrobe. If you are searching for some quality basics, try some Korean fashion online stores and you’re guaranteed to find what you need! 


What’s up with the sizing?

If you have shopped Korean Fashion or any other Asian fashion store before, you’ll know that a lot of styles are One Size/ Free Size. We are starting to see some bottoms come in S, M, L sizing, but still, you should assume that they run smaller than average, similar to petite sizing in the US. If you can’t try things on at a store, be sure to refer to any size guides or measurements available on online stores.

Also, if you are worried that something will not fit, don’t be too concerned because most stores accept returns! 

Delivery takes forever?

Most of the major K-Fashion online stores are based in Korea or other parts of Asia. That often means that their merchandise is warehoused there, and therefore, you can expect to wait 2-3 weeks for delivery. Yes, rather a long time.

However, the good news is that there are some cooler, but smaller Korean online boutiques now like The Dallant. The Dallant, which is based in the US, can guarantee your shopping within days!  

Korean Online Fashion stores with International Shipping.

StoreShipping Fee to the U.S.
Store:Shipping fee:
YesStyle$6. Free over $70
Mixxmix$14.99. Free over $200
Dark Victory$14.99 Free over $100
Kooding$4.99. Free over $69.
The DallantFree International over $200.
W-ConceptFree Over $99

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