This weekend in Seoul looks fabulous, as there are numerous events happening which look fantastic. What’s more we have gathered together some of the best things to do alone in Seoul just for you. So get your diary and pen out and jot down our top 5 things to do this weekend. You won’t be disappointed!

Things To Do In Seoul Alone- #1 Imagine John Lennon

An art wall Muriel of John Lennon showing things to do alone in Seoul for people.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you will join us.” -Imagine, John Lennon.

Asia’s first and largest exhibition about John Lennon will take place in Seoul this Friday.This exhibition will feature a unique selection of Lennon’s personal objects. Including: artwork, music and films produced by John and the Beatles. What’s interesting about this event is that it will tell John Lennon’s story in his own words.

The ‘Imagine’ exhibition will deliver Lennon’s message of peace, which he was eager to spread around the world. We think this is a must-visit exhibition for all the fans of John Lennon and the Beetles. Additionally, if you don’t know who we are talking about, this would also be a great place to learn more about Lennon and why he took world by storm. If you want to find out more about this event you can read our events page. Follow the link for more details.

Things To Do In Seoul Alone-#2 European Christmas Market

European Christmas market are some things to do alone in Seoul this weekend

Kick off this Christmas season in style by visiting a European Christmas market in Seoul.  From Saturday morning, until Sunday evening, the European market will set up its stalls at Hansung University Station. With over 13 European countries on show, each offering their cuisines, delicacies, and of course- mulled wine; it’s guaranteed to be special. You’ll also find plenty of stocking fillers, and a merry tune or two to dance along with as well. Well, what a Christmas cracker this is promises to be. If you would like to read some more information about the European Christmas Market, follow our events page for more details.

Things To Do In Seoul Alone-#3 The Santa Run

Dressing up as Santa and running are some things to do alone in Seoul.

Perhaps, the most unique and interesting event in Seoul will happen this weekend-The Santa Run.

It’s back. Yes, the Santa run returns for another year again this winter. This hilarious event gives you the opportunity to dress up as Santa, and run 3.5 KM along the streets of Seoul. This is probably something you didn’t think about when you made your plans to visit Seoul. However, the run is certainly going to be a fun day, with the opportunity to meet lot’s of new people and socialise with after. Furthermore, the Seodemun- gu office will choose a local charity to donate 1,225 from everyone who crosses the finishing line.Tickets are available on the day and early bird tickets can be purchased  online at: (산타런).

Participants will dress up in Santa costumes, (These can be rented using the receipt given and your ID card) and run through the heart of Seoul City. If you would like to know more, follow our link to the Events page.

Things To Do In Seoul Alone- #4 One Day Ski Tour

A man skiing down a mountain at a ski resort one thing you can do alone in Seoul

For only 89,000 won, Vivaldi Park which is in Gangwon-do are offering a one day package tour for foreigners. Vivaldi Ski resort is popular among locals and tourists wanting an action pact day of skiing. With its expansive slopes, and its relative close proximity to Seoul, Vivalidi is a great choice for an exciting day trip. As well as, round trip transportation, equipment rental and even lessons for an extra 20,000 won, this resort seems to have it all. So make use of this deal, and get skiing on one of the 12 slopes this weekend. We think you will have a great time, and be sure to check our events page for more details.

Things To Do In Seoul Alone-#5  Korea Premier Dog Show

2018 Korea dog show poster

The Korea Kennel Federation will host its annual dog show this weekend. A number of of dogs and their owners will come together and put on a wonderful show for you. Since its establishment, the KKF has focused on promoting canine culture by hosting numerous dog shows which seek to actively promote the general well-being of dogs.The KKF will host a 3 day ‘Korea Premier dog show’ from, Friday until this Sunday, at the AT center in Seoul. Follow the link to our events page to read more.

We hope you have a great weekend!